In my work I am fascinated by landscape and the human presents. I set out in paintings/drawings, to explore the “unknown picture”,  to go deeper, past the obvious

As I don’t want to be confined to any one style, I learn to understand the creative process through various means. On purpose I create contrast. Contrast in my working process. Depending on the idea, I work figurative or abstract. Also contrast by working with various medias. Living within such contrasts keeps my senses alert. Living with contrasts demands higher consciousness, as working in one familiar style, has the danger to fall into a routine and monotony. Familiarity breads content, as the questions die and the senses fall a sleep – just as the excitement to eat will fade, if you eat every day the same meal. I let surprises fill my heart, they teach me what I do not know.

In searching for the final image, I’m less concerned that it looks alike what I see, but more concerned what feeling or idea the images awaken. Direct observation or imagination, my working process is infinitely versatile - from realistic to abstract- from a romantic mountain landscape to a conceptual direction, where the idea is dominant.

As we are not at peace in our world, my painting process has often not a pretty outcome. But my curiosity wants to go on, to see where this will lead me.

I find it refreshing and endlessly challenging, as also the media varies (oil, acrylic, graphite, water color, oil stick), depending on the motive and idea. In an image where the idea prevails, the painting/drawing is clearly about the human condition and entirely from my imagination.  

 My images are responses to the landscapes around me, to people and places which have touched my life.  The images embody the essence, for ideas, and places and experiences. However - it’s simple - I make art to reach higher consciousness, and I strive to live with higher consciousness to make better art. To make art that excites and awakens people to look at our earth and social values a little deeper - that we heal our self and the air around us.

Gernot Dick   Artwalker Studio     Mount Currie, BC 2015