In my work I am fascinated by landscape and the human presents. I set out in paintings, drawings or photo images, to explore the “bigger picture’ (a world beyond our "intelligent" understanding), to go deeper, past the surface, past the obvious.

As I don’t want to be confined to any one style, leads me to understand the creative process through various means. On purpose I create contrast. Contrast with various medias I use, in different ways of working, depending on the ideas and concept (figurative or abstract). Living within such contrasts keeps the senses alert. Contrasts demand higher consciousness, as working in a familiar style, has the danger to fall into a routine and monotone. Familiarity breads content, as the questions die and the senses fall a sleep – just as the excitement to eat will fade, if you eat every day the same meal.

My painting process has often not a pretty outcome, as we are not at peace in our world. But seen as the unfolding of pure creativity, my curiosity wants to go on, to see where this will lead me.
 So my images are responses to the landscapes around me, to people and places which have touched my life.  The images embody the essence, the energy of my passion for ideas, and places and experiences.
It’s simple. I make art to reach higher consciousness, and I strive to live with higher consciousness to make better art.

Gernot Dick                 Artwalker Studio                      Mount Currie, BC